Dosh Cashbook

Simple entry level bookkeeping for small businesses

Manage your small business with simple banking for expenses, receipts and VAT.

Dosh Cashbook

Dosh Cashbook is designed to provide everything a small business needs to keep a set of books, quickly and accurately. Cashbook is ideal for people who are new to bookkeeping or computerised accounts.

The program is so simple to use that most users learn its basic features within half an hour.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

Dosh Cashbook is not HMRC Making Tax Digital for VAT compliant, however it is possible to produce and export a VAT return which can then be used via an appropriate Making Tax Digital bridging software to make an MTD VAT submission.

Note:  From 1 April 2022, all VAT-registered businesses, including those below the VAT threshold, will need to keep digital accounts for their first VAT return starting on or after 1 April 2022, and submit the return via MTD compliant software.

Alternatively, if you require a Making Tax Digital compliant system, please contact us to find out about our range of fully MTD compliant software. 


By entering details of payments and receipts, Cashbook can produce the following:

  • A cashbook listing of receipt and payment details.

  • An immediate summary of receipts and payments analysed by category, with opeing and closing balances for any chosen period of months.

  • Opening and closing balances shown as totals with a split between cash and bank balances.

  • Sub-analysis of receipts and payments allowing all transactions to be easily traced.

  • Sort reports by date, voucher number, payee and creditor.

  • Set up regular (periodic) payments or receipts to be shown automatically: monthly, quarterly or annually.

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